Allegiant - Veronica Roth Somewhere out there in the world, Natalie is probably smiling or cackling; let's be real here

Here comes another angry review from the "I only review books I hate" grumpy girl...

I haven't finished this book yet, but I'm rating and marking it as finished to motivate myself to complete what I started, but I reallyyyyyyyy don't want to. One fifth of the way in and I'm not feeling it. A final book should be the most exciting and not a whimpering struggle to the finish. I don't know if it's because it's been nearly 200 books since I've plowed through the first two, or if my growing distaste for dystopia as a genre whole is influencing me, but this book has been nothing but problems for me.

The Problems (oh yes, we're breaking out the lists now):

Summarizing summarizing summarizing! It's book three now, do I really need a review of things if I've hung on this long? Especially when it's on feelings rather than events that happened? Maybe I'd expect this in the first chapter or so, but it's still happening further along in. I don't need my hand held or to be corralled along in case I missed some kind of subtext in the previous books.

Awkward and choppy scenes. Man this book is a hot mess for scene placement. It jumps all over the place both between POVs (which I will get to in a minute) and just throws everything out there with no logical flow. Random makeout session, followed by a long boring talk with someone I don't care about and gained no new information from (other than Tobias/Tris directly telling me things in their thoughts), followed by some chatting with the peripheral friends I have no real attachment to, then we're on the run, then someone dies in the most uneventful quick way possible, etc. And every single moment in all of this is completely devoid of substantial feeling through actions.

The unnecessary addition of Tobias's point of view. The option of adding another POV, in my personal opinion, is there for the reader to gain new insight, not give them the same thing we can pretty much obtain from the main character's eyes by observing actions and dialogue. There were times when reading that I'd bookmark halfway through a chapter and come back having no idea whose POV I was in. Tobias is nearly indistinguishable from Tris in his voice and thoughts. To make matters worse, I don't obtain anything new from this experience. Everything he blatantly tells me in his thoughts, I already knew from Tris's, also blatant, interpretation. Keeping out of Tobias's head added at least a small layer of suspense because you never knew entirely how he was going to react, so if anything, this addition just steals from the momentum this slow moving book was already lacking in.

Tell me everything why don't you. This is an extension of the summarizing point and the non distinguishable POVs point but honestly, I feel I can't say it enough. This book is holding my hand and telling me what to think and feel. I'm not a big "show don't tell" snob screaming it at all the little mistakes authors make, but when it takes up so much of the prose that I'm no longer given anything to feel for myself, I will disengage, which is exactly what has happened here.

God help me survive the rest of this book. I feel like it can only get worse...

*Food for thought: I'd like to leave a deep question I asked myself as I waded through some of the purple prose found in more than one of the awkwardly placed and emotionally devoid romance scenes in this book. What the fuck does wind and/or saftey even smell like that Tobias seems to always be scented by it? And why should I care?