The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead There were a lot of predictable scenarios, but I DO NOT CARE! Not even a little bit.

I'm so beyond in love with Adrian and Sydney's cute relationship that it got to the point that I couldn't put the book down. Why yes, this book was a one sitting read THEY ARE TOO DAMN ADORABLE. They're dorks that are completely full of win! Ugh. I hate that I love them so much. I've since reread their scenes so many times, the golden plating on my hardcover is wearing off from use and abuse.

I think the Bloodlines series has its greatest strength in how Richelle progresses Adrian and Sydney's relationship making sure she explores each step. While the first book gets them comfortable around each other and builds up an easy going friendship, Golden Lily plays a lot with their chemistry and dynamics as friends that could become something deeper given the effect they have on each other.