Shift  - Jeri Smith-Ready This rating is entirely in spite of myself.

God, this series. I keep reading it, but it's not actually good. I really can't stand how Zach's accent is written. He sounds like an old man. I can't stand Logan. He's possessive and selfish. And everyone loves Aura no matter how much flip flopping she does or hypocrisy she throws around. The fact that Logan's little brother got thrown in the mix of all her affairs just had me LOLing.

I guess, at the same time, that's why I'm so drawn to this series. It doesn't take itself too seriously and hits the mark when it needs to at the right times.

Some of the characters seem incredibly cartoony, but high school drama in real life can get pretty cartoony too, so I can't find myself judging it too harshly.

I laughed a lot at how preoccupied with sex all these kids were too, but again... high school.

*reaches for the last book* god help me...